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St. Nicholas Week

Theme: Saint Nicholas
Letter: n

We took the week off of homeschooling for Thanksgiving so I could travel to the land of lemon trees and sunshine (aka south Florida) but jumped right back in last week for a lesson on Saint Nicholas. This beloved saint of the Orthodox Church is the patron of children, sailors, and our own parish priest. It was fun spending a week getting to know St Nicholas better in anticipation of his feast day on December 6th.

First the kids colored their letter n worksheets, then we read the life of St Nicholas and started our lesson. R’s mom found a great web site for coloring pages and other resources at the St Nicholas Center. The children made a book about the life of St Nicholas. We also learned a traditional Russian folk song which we would perform at church later in the week.

photo 1

On Monday afternoon we joined R and her family again at a local bookstore for storytime. They listened politely to How the Grinch Stole Christmas and made a grinch themed card to bring home.


photo 2

Tuesday was our monthly activity day for the homeschooled kids of our parish. They came together to decorate and bake Christmas cookies and to rehearse the St Nicholas song.

photo 3


On Thursday A requested a science experiment, so we tried to pick up an ice cube with a string. It took a few tries and some patience, but it worked! The look on her face was priceless.

photo 4

On Thursday afternoon my across the street neighbor P, who is also 4, came over to play. A & P spent half their time together devising an art project and kept themselves happily busy coloring, cutting, and taping for much longer than A usually does. I enjoyed that!

On Friday we had a fun playdate with A’s closest friends R and C at a local indoor play space. We all napped well that afternoon!

photo 5


Saturday was St Nicholas Day. We went to liturgy in the morning. Every year the kids remove their shoes and leave them in the narthex. St Nicholas visits us during the service and leaves a sweet surprise in everyone’s shoes! This year we all stayed at church for lunch. During lunch the kids’ singing group got to sing the St Nicholas song twice! They did a fantastic job.


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