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Pileated by ambermae
Pileated, a photo by ambermae on Flickr.


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Chimney Swifts

Chimney Swifts by ambermae
Chimney Swifts, a photo by ambermae on Flickr.

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Portland by ambermae
Portland, a photo by ambermae on Flickr.

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I read an interesting article on taking better photos with your camera phone yesterday. I don’t have an iPhone, so some of the tips weren’t applicable, but I was most struck by her reminder to take lots of photos. I tend to snap a couple, but only 3 or 4, while she recommended taking 50 to get the shot you want.

So yesterday at the airport park I practiced taking photos of the toddler in the lovely evening light, but it wasn’t until I looked behind me that I was truly inspired. Ironically, the photo above was the only shot I took. I love it.

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Golden Squirrel

The Golden Hour is a miraculous time. Today I had pretty much given up on getting any photos when the soft light filled my living room and I grabbed my camera to see if I could take advantage of the moment. Outside was a squirrel having a snackĀ on a tree branch. I immediately noticed his tail catching the lovely light and the way his ears and even the nut he was eating were illuminated.


Even squirrels can be beautiful sometimes.

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Merry Christmas!


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2013 on the horizon

This blog will be my spot to share miscellaneous updates about life on Lake Anne, learning to love my midcentury home, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

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